About Us- etno kuća Tri Kuma Debela

The restaurant  your appetdecorated like Vojvodina’s  farm (or grange)  on the charming Zemun ‘s cobblestone, with fresh air from Šumadia and dew from Gruža’s lake, will surely open upite. If we add the spirit of old Belgrade’s tavern, the warm atmosphere and the smell of homemade strudel with poppy seeds – specially gastronomic adventure is inevitable!

Details of wooded and undulating Serbia seduce at every turn, and so well-known names of food induce a smile as soon as you open the menu. Attentive staff will present a persuasive offer that certainly has to be proud of: smoked cutlets and fresh river fish, over juicy house specialties, to delicious dumplings with plums …

Food preparation is a special part of the Serbian tradition. It was created under the influence of different national and cultural influences, presents a variety of foods, maybe even it is a combination of Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish and Hungarian cuisine. However, although sometimes food has the same ingredients as those from the kitchen of these peoples, in Serbia, she took something that makes them different and special. That is why the Serbian traditional cuisine and its specialties is really hard to describe – some do not even have a name in other languages. It is best to come and enjoy it!

Something that is ours. What we remember, it’s in our souls. The recipes that our grandmothers and mothers were preparing us and what we carry in the heart from the childhood … not to be forgotten!