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Our story

Etno kuća Tri Kuma Debela is a place that you can visit alone or with friends. A place where you can drink coffee, have lunch with colleagues or dinner with friends and family. Etno kuća Tri Kuma Debela is not a place you visit and leave. It is a place where you’ll be back.

About Us

restaurant zemun belgrade


restaurant zemun belgrade


Menu-Etno kuća Tri Kuma Debela

Taste the sweetness

of domestic goods

Something that is ours. What we remember, it’s in our souls. The recipes that our grandmothers and mothers were preparing us and what we carry in the heart from the childhood … not to be forgotten!


Danube- Etno kuća Tri Kuma Debela

Etno home

Tri Kuma Debela

Terrace with a view of the Danube and the Banat, reaching even to the old and new parts of the city, the Cathedral of Saint Sava, Belgrade gates … and returns there, tucked away in the warm atmosphere of our story.


Tri Kuma Debela

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